Martin Tunica
Martín Túnica
Comic Artist, Ilustration.

Martín Túnica

Comic Artist, Ilustration.


About Me

my name is Martin Tunica, i am a comic artist from Argentina.
For many years I worked as Story-Board artist, and then as Corlos Meglia's assistant.
I've published in "Revista Fierro" along great artists such as Nine, Risso, Trillo, Breccia, and others.
I Worked for children magazine "Revista Genios", made a graphic novel for Loco Rabia Called "The Tower of Bubble".
Literary adaptations of "The picture of Dorian Grey" and "Hearth of Darkness" of Joseph Conrrad, for Latin Books.
On 2016 I worked on crossed + 100 issues 15-18 for Avatar press, and Mass effect adult coloring book for Dark Horse.
Made illustations for short comic "Air" published on Heavy Metal issue 286.
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